Pirate Punk

Graphic Artist: Erik Petersen of Pennsylvania
Raw Materials: Black and raspberry wine folkart acrylic paint
Print: Limited Edition www.mischiefbrew.com

Fire in the hole for there is collaboration between First Try and Mischief Brew. It is truly one for the records. Both pioneers conduct the same inspirational message in a bottle through mutiny. Punk is something you are born into and floats throughout your veins like a shipwreck. This First Try signed scroll of rebellion, made from canson pearl, unfurls leaving a parchment log of adventures that one must plunder to find life's buried treasures. Along the way, using the First Try star compass, you will find familiar guidance in the quotes taken from Mischief Brew songs such as "Fare Well, Good Fellows," "Pompous Ass Manifesto," "Citizens Drive," and "Weapons." Brick red blood spatter remains soaked and stained from a spilt wine glass off the coast where lads with grog blossoms are loaded to the gunwalls. Push your way along this ride as we all walk the plank to freedom. See you in hell boys!
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